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Explore Tanjong Pagar For These Fun Pastimes

Once a small town by the sea dotted with wooden huts, it is now lined with skyscrapers and stores, transforming the then-humble place into Singapore’s Central Business district.

No other place encapsulates Singapore’s evolution from a fishing village to a thriving metropolis like Tanjong Pagar. Here are things to try.

Eat Fresh Bagel at The Two Men Bagel House

The Two Men Bagel House is Singapore’s premier cafe for those who want to try this Jewish treat. Established by Jerome and Jereborne Lam, the Two Men Bagel House serves either sweet or savory bagels. 

The Lox is one of their best sellers, a bagel baked to perfection and stuffed with smoked salmon, cream cheese, pickled onions, beets, dill, and capers. They also have a Nutella cream cheese and pistachio and cream cheese jelly bagels; flavors meant to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Head on over to the Two Men Bagel House, it is a mere five-minute walk from Tanjong Pagar’s MRT station and is still well within the Central Business District.

Join A Unique Tea Party at Tea Chapter

Chinese tea is heralded as a symbol of communion, a form of service, and a facet of art. Traditional Chinese tea deserves some kind of appreciation because it is more than just a beverage. 

At Tea Chapter, Chinese tea receives the merits it deserves. Their Tea Appreciation Package will let you and a buddy celebrate tea and experience its journey. Tea masters will guide you through the process of making tea, from brewing to serving. You can also sample and taste a wide array of Asian tea, such as floral, red, black, white, green, and Oolong. 

Learn about the meanings and intricacies of actions involved in tea making, and the philosophy and history included. Tea Chapter promises a tea party rarely found and experienced. 

Eat at Maxwell Food Center

The Maxwell Food Center is a massive hawker center in Tanjong Pagar and is home to the sought-after Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice. Other favorites in this complex include Zhen Zhen Porridge and Maxwell Oyster Cake. 

Indulge in Amoy Street Food Center

The Amoy Street Food Center caters to hawkers who seek to re-imagine Singaporean food. Shops are serving Singaporean-style ramen, and stores are whipping up Indian nasi biryani with Cantonese meat. 

Dine at Cloudstreet

Chef Rishi Naleendra established Cloudstreet during 2019, and are more for diners who would like to splurge out on cash. Dishes from different nations of the world, such as Japan and Australia, are priced from $68 during lunch and over $160 for dinner. Its sister restaurant Cheek Bistro at the street over features less bank-breaking menus. 

Stroll At Tanjong Pagar Road

A stroll at the Tanjong Pagar road exposes you to Korean and Japanese stores serving street food, such as tendon, fried chicken, and barbecue. 

If you have free time to spend while in Singapore’s Central Business District, then head on over to Tanjong Pagar and find yourself lost in its sights and smells. Tanjong Pagar is more than offices and condominiums, and these activities prove just that.

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